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Residency and Registered Intern Opportunity

 Counseling Associates of America offers supervision for master’s level mental health counseling interns and doctoral psychology residents.  Our supervisions include monthly staff meeting and clinical meetings, respectively, with the whole practice, to discuss administrative tasks, treatment modalities, community outreach, and peer consultation. This opportunity allows the trainee to gain insight into the practice and work collaboratively with other providers who offer different perspectives.

Supervisees will also be granted two hours of weekly individual supervision with a licensed psychologist. During the individual supervision time, the supervisee will review their case load, with a multi-modal approach, to conceptualize each case and identify the best therapeutic approach in helping clients reach their goals. The supervisee will also be asked to complete a full case presentation to practice skills of presentation and delivery of key information about your client, their treatment, and their success in therapy.

If the opportunity is available, the supervisee may be asked to conduct and lead community presentations. Some of these presentations include managing work related stress or trauma, work life balance, readiness for retirement, and more. Through supervision, we hope you gain confidence as a clinician, with the guidance from your supervisor, as you prepare to enter the field.

As a psychology resident or registered intern, you will have the opportunity to:

– Conduct individual therapy in one of our four offices (Naples, Bonita Springs, Port St Lucie or Coral Gables)

– Develop and lead in-person and virtual groups

– Complete a variety of comprehensive evaluations including: Psychoeducational, Diagnostic, Medical clearance, and Forensic Evaluations

– Work closely with not only your direct supervisor but collaborate with members of our team on treatment conceptualization, program development, and psychoeducational presentations for the community.

– Shadow and receive training from our psychologists while working on a variety of forensic cases, such as competency and mental status at the time of the offense evaluations.

Requirements: Ph.D or Psy.D, LMHC, LCSW from an APA accredited institution, APA accredited internship, 3 letters of recommendation, and a CV. Please fax 239-732-5955 or email [email protected]