Art Therapy

As a positive complement to talk therapy, art therapy counseling sessions are designed to meet each client where they are with creative support and guidance, both emotionally and intellectually. Creative sessions offer assorted art materials for free expression for each person. Clients benefit from art directives that empower and illuminate as they gain insights into their own behaviors, thoughts, and personal stories.

Introspective art-based counseling is designed to inspire fresh ideas, generate positive feelings, and stimulate overall wellness in participants. Clients are encouraged to share thoughts and meanings about their artwork. Strategies for self-care and personal growth are discussed.

Art Therapy Description and Services

What is Art Therapy? 
– A way of communicating feelings and ideas about personal issues that may be hard to express verbally
– Making artwork, reflecting on the artwork, and connecting to personal insights about the art process
– Helps participants understand how to heal as emotions are processed in response to artwork
– The art product becomes a visual record of personal insights and growth

How does it work?
– Goals and treatment plans are developed based on each individual’s needs
– Specially designed art projects connect participants to their current thinking and problem solving
– Artwork is discussed by the participant and therapist as it relates to their treatment goals
– Creative skills are practiced each session for the continuation of self-care and personal development

How do I pay for art therapy?
– Cash only, insurance is not accepted for this therapy ($175.00 per one hour session)
– Clients cannot submit to their insurance for payment

Who can do art therapy?
– Anyone at any age can benefit from art therapy
– No previous art skills are necessary 
– Art therapy can be helpful to individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, attention deficit hyperactivity, aging and geriatric issues, cancer, adjustment disorders, Parkinson’s disease, eating disorders, cognitive impairments, and family or relationship issues

Who is the Art Therapist?
– Art Therapist Marti Koehler, MEd
– Masters Degree in Art Education and Art Therapy
– Marti has practiced art for healing for over 30 years
– Experienced with creative processes: painting, sculpting, drawing, modeling clay, carving, pottery, textiles, collage, printing, weaving
– Background in psychology: human development, counseling theories and methodology
– Professional artist: personal experience with art as therapy in her own art practice

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