The LBGTQ community represents a diverse range of expressions and identities and there is support for you here – even in SWFL! News and politics can often be upsetting all that matters to us is your well-being, happiness, and ability to express yourself as you are. Whether you experience mental health issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, issues with coming out or your identity, or simply want someone to talk to we are here for you. Counseling Associates of America offers services for the LGBTQ populations to those 13+ years of age. We provide a friendly and compassionate environment to all our clients. We have 9 licensed therapists able to assist you, making it simple to find the perfect therapist you.

LGBTQ Resources
The Trevor Project
866-488-7386 – 24/7 Crisis Support
Naples Pride Center
Sage House
Pride Partners

LGBTQ+ support SWFL