Social Media Addiction Therapy

Social Media Addiction

What is Social Media Addiction?

Social media addiction is a behavioral addiction that is broadly defined by being overly concerned about social media platforms, so much that it disrupts the individual’s ability to function normally in several aspects of their daily life such as, interpersonal relationships, work, academics, and physical health. It’s characterized as abnormal preoccupation with one’s social media posts and comparing themselves to others on social media.

Social media is often used to avoid real-life experiences and/or emotions. These individuals typically struggle to cut back on their use or engagement with social media, despite great efforts to do so and distress related to their use. The effects of social media on the brain are similar to those experienced when gambling or engaging in the use of recreational drugs.

How we can help

Social media addiction cannot be found in the DSM-V-TR and therefore cannot be assigned as an official diagnosis. While the diagnosis cannot be officially assigned, measures have been constructed through research to assess symptoms of and the severity of one’s social media addiction. Treatment will be focused on one’s difficulties managing their urge to engage with social media.

Who could benefit

Those who feel the urge to use social media and spend a lot of time thinking about social media whether they are online or not. Those whose worries regarding the availability of wi-fi or a cellular signal are so significant that they cannot focus on other things such as work and school.

If you or someone you know has tried to cut back on their social media use and experienced significant anxiety or distress as a result or has been unable to do so for any prolonged period of time, you may benefit from meeting with a provider from our qualified clinical team.

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