Life Adjustments

Life Adjustments No matter our age, or which season of life we are in, all of us experience change throughout our lives. For some, change may be something that is exciting and welcomed with eagerness. For others, change can often be something that is dreaded and perceived as an inevitable setback. Remember, there are different types of stress that we can anticipate experiencing throughout life, both negative stress as well as eustress (that’s the positive kind). Therapy can be an invaluable way to receive help as we navigate through periods of challenging life adjustments.

Sometimes, negative stress may be a result of experiencing illness, loss of employment, loss of a loved one, or the end of a relationship. Other times, we may experience stress related to positive changes that are occurring in our lives, such as relocating, retiring, or welcoming a new baby into the family. It’s natural to experience life adjustments and times of change, and therapy can help people to respond to those changes in a healthy and mindful way. Though change can sometimes be uncomfortable, it can also be a great opportunity to experience personal growth, increase our self-confidence, and to expand our own self-awareness.

Though life adjustments are bound to happen, therapy can help us build confidence in how we cope in the moment, as well as in how we may respond to life adjustments in the future. By working with a therapist to identify what symptoms we want to target, we can receive support and guidance as we go through times of transition, no matter what type of stress we encounter.

– Nicole Stouder, LCSW


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